Monday, July 5, 2010

Buenas, from Honduras ....

The LORD himself watches over you! 
  The LORD stands beside you as your protective shade.

                                          Psalm 121 (nlt)

So grateful for this truth and so grateful to get to see my husband in a few weeks!! Have been needing the Lord while apart from Chris. Can't wait to be reunited again and so blessed that he's my husband!!!

Well, to say that the Lord is doing a lot here is an understatement because He is always working and doing much more than we could know, everywhere! We were blessed last Sunday when we introduced children's worship to the group of kids at church. That particular weekend, Leah had the largest group of children yet! We had 24 little bodies and were kind of worried that they may not be engaged or participate. To our pure surprise, all the kids participated and really liked the music! Thank you Nic Lanphere for all your hard work!!! We got to try the same songs this week and some of the kids were looking forward to getting to sing them again! It was one of those little blessings to see all their faces light up!! Poor Leah was sick yesterday and asked if I could teach for her! An unexpected but exciting thing to do! It went great! The kids are learning about Jacob and Esau and I think really getting it! Leah always has super great crafts that really ties into the stories! 

This week we're looking forward to VBS which will begin on Saturday! Eulogio has been practicing on his guitar and learning the chords for the kids worship songs, Leah will be doing crafts (her specialty), and Naomi will be preparing the activities/games. Oh yeah, we finally have a theme too! Our theme is: God Created Everything ... It was the one thing we weren't sure of. When we had our little meeting, the Lord revealed it to us through a very special friend we made here! We all heard the idea and said, "Yeah! That's it!!" It was very exciting! VBS will consist of 3 weeks. The first week will hit on the subject of, God Created the Earth, the animals (stuff in that arena), and we'll be teaching on taking care of God's creation (it's quite dirty here and the streets are used as garbage cans). I hope to elaborate more on this once we have the class. The second week will be on, God Created Us, and we'll be teaching on loving one another and treating people as is written in the Word. And the last week is, God Has a Plan (since He created everything), and we'll be teaching about what that plan is!!! Isn't it great!?!? One of the lady's that goes to Calvary here will be teaching! I think some of you remember her, her name is Emily! ... So, if anyone has good ideas and can pray about the lesson plan, any input would be a blessing for us!

I'm still playing soccer (Futbol) with this kids here in the afternoons. The picture above is missing about 3 of the kids! My kids play with the little kids too! They have allowed me to read to them from the bible at each of our daily gatherings. It's SO awesome!! We're reading out of the gospel of John right now. I've seen the "movie" (haha) so many times, it's been great to get to act it out for them too (in little bits of course .. short attention spans). Please pray that this stuff remains in their hearts for life and the Lord moves within their lives. They're the SWEETEST kids you can imagine. None of them talk back or are rude ... instead, they're always helping and taking turns. It's so so so nice! One little boy brought me a special treat they make here ... it's called a TopoGigio (yes, like the mouse for those of you who know). It's frozen cornflakes in milk and it comes in a little baggy! Yum! ... Please pray for the kids to continue to be kind to one another too (soccer is aggressive, lol). They're much looking forward to our team getting here so we "can all play soccer together!" There's even another teen girl who comes and hangs out with us ... please pray for our conversation!

Speaking of our team back home in Calvary Greer ... One girl, who I love seeing at church, was there yesterday and asked if Michele (Perdomo) was coming this year because she wanted to see her!!! All this with a smile of glee on her face!! Isn't that awesome how last years team made such an impact?!?! She was SO happy when I told her that Michele was coming!! ... Praying for you team ... praying that you too would remember what you're here for and the kind of impact you can make on just one person! This girl is one who has been rejected by the church in the past because of her past ... How encouraging that the Lord receives us with arms wide open!! May you guys be just like Him when here!! I think you'll also be able to reach out and encourage the few that come to youth here! ... Another blessing that I'm seeing the Lord really work through by the way. ... The few strong men in the Lord here have actually been an encouragement to me! I love God's surprises! They're worth it ... "it" being anything. :)

On a personal ending note ... Naomi has been a God send to me. My daughter has learned to do many things on her own! Tiff would be proud!! ... Kyle has eaten Rat! ... And it's been so encouraging to get to "chat" with some of you back home when I'm homesick! ... Thank you! Please keep praying for VBS and for those of you back home who are sending someone ... I think we forget to pray for those left back home ;) Love you guys!!

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  1. Thank you so much for taking the time to post all that the Lord is doing in Honduras. I am so excited! I wish I were there with you all. The team here is practicing their skits and Spanish diligently and are eagerly awaiting their departure. I can't wait to see what the Lord does in and through each of you as well as the rest of the team. You are all in our prayers and thoughts. We miss you sooooooo much but are so thankful for your willingness to leave all of your comforts to minister the gospel to the people of Honduras. Your Light is surely shining. I love and miss you all and can't wait to hear more, so please, continue to keep us posted. <3 and peace to you all. Julie

  2. Awesome CAT! Thanks for sharing! It's just so great to hear what the Lord is doing there with you guys!
    I will continue to pray for guys!

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