Thursday, July 22, 2010

A Quick Update. Please Read! :D

For My thoughts are not your thoughts, 
are your ways My ways," says the LORD. 
" For as the heavens are higher than the earth, 
So are My ways higher than your ways, 
And My thoughts than your thoughts.
Isaiah 55:8-9

Hi guys ... I realize it's late .. but, as you all know, I see my husband and the team tomorrow, so I'm doing all sorts of things around the house because I can't sleep. :)

I am writing this update to let you know how AWESOME the Lord is and how AWESOME His timing is! Well, if you have read the previous posts, you'll note that our soccer games weren't going so well. This past week has been the hardest of all (opposition). There were lots of new boys and they were rough and used foul language. It wasn't fun anymore and our regulars stopped coming. I thought we were never going to get to read the MOST important part of the book of the bible which we were reading to them. We were hoping to get that done before the team got here. 

Well, the past two days kept having something come up and we were unable to teach them or read to them. I honestly figured we'd just have to see when God would give the chance for it to happen while the team was here. Before I continue in what GREATNESS God works in, I wanted to thank you ALL who prayed for this. I KNOW Jesus is hearing you! ... See, tonight after our VBS meeting, we got home to see that our group of kids were playing soccer with an unknown ball. We always provide the ball. After getting in through our gate, we realized that this was it! It was as if the angels were singing and we KNEW that God ordained this time for us ... Your prayers were coming to pass ... the kids were here to hear, unbeknown to them!! It went AMAZINGLY and they were SOOOOOO open and sweet with us. The two boys were holding onto Kyle (I don't think either of them have legitimate father's) ... The girl's eyes were just staring in a glaze. It was such a sweet moment and they heard the Word. They heard the plan. They repeated the plan. The Lord gave us GREAT picture stories and scripture. They FELT our heart .. and most importantly .. they saw what the Lord did for them by sending Jesus! It was awesome. We told them we wanted to see them again .. if not here, then in Heaven. We urged them about making a choice. We all hugged ... it was just that moment ... I can't explain ... I knew that this was one of those moments we were here for. God gave everyone a role. Naomi was able to take care of my kids and Kyle was there for the kid's emotional support. They were all so excited and wanted to go home and read the gospel of John! Not too many people can read, but they could. We sent them home with a Pocket Testament track (includes the gospel of John). We gave an invitation for salvation and let them know we'd be here when they were ready or if they didn't want to pray alone. This was an AWESOME night ... and it ended with another young lady coming by and getting to discuss with me personally. God is so amazingly good! .... I ask you guys back home, if I ever need encouragement about something in the future, please bring this up. It'll be just what I need! Anyway ... I'm all aglow and grateful that the Lord has His timing, His purposes, His thoughts .. and Grateful that His thoughts are NOT my thoughts!! We love you Lord!!! 

Full of Joy,

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  1. Catalina! I was doing so well in NOT crying. Your post is awesome! How awesome that the Lord would "show" you this! Praise the Lord!!!!
    We will continue to pray!

  2. awesome :) to see people responding in spiritual ways like it is something so new and so true to them. (It's easy to get jaded here in the states.)


  3. Thank you so much for being faithful to post what the Lord has been doing with you guys. We all miss you so much and it's a blessing to feel that unity in reading your posts. Now that the team is there, if you have a moment here or there to post a quick update, it would be a huge blessing! I am so excited about what God will do. It's all for Him, about Him and in Him! For the praise of His Glory!

  4. Thank you girls! All your words were so encouraging!! Love you all <3


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